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Happy smiling student Passed driving test with west london driving school

" Really grateful to have found an instructor like Mohammed. He really knows his stuff particularly when it comes to test changes, common failures on test routes and tips to help with tricky manoveres. He sends feedback on what to work on and even videos to help you out. He's always on time, reliable and easy to get hold of and book. I've had other instructors but he's been by far the best. The only thing i could say is that he's so popular, it might be difficult to book him everyday for a week if you wanted something very intensive but to be honest, the 2h lessons twice a week are quality such that you wont feel the need to do that. He even gives an over view of his availability in the month so you can plan around work etc. Mohammed is also really good at judging weaknesses and giving an honest opinion of how many hours/lessons/intensity is necessary- other people just want money! I highly recommend :) "


Happy smiling student Passed driving test with west london driving school

" I usually don't go out of my way to write reviews but in this case I would be doing Mohammed an injustice. I've just passed my driving test and let me tell you with all honestly, I'm 2 months ahead of schedule. I started with a very basic idea of driving and I've ended up (19 hours later!!) in a position where I can drive comfortably with confidence. Without giving Mohammed excess praise, the purpose of this review is to give learners an accurate and genuine telling of my experience so they can make an informed decision. The reason why Mohammed is successful is because he caters to your style of learning. I learn best with alot of information and speedy classes and thats what he did. He catered lessons to my style of learning and allowed me to be hands on. He explained every instruction and manoeuvre in detail, step by step PATIENTLY and allowed me to just do it with so much practice. Why do you think I've had the least amount of lessons in all his students? All because of him! "


Happy smiling student Passed driving test with west london driving school

" I am normally not the one to take the time out to write reviews, however I would be doing a disservice to myself and my community if I didn't.

A student is a reflection of his/her teacher. I must have the perfect teacher as I just passed my practical today with 0 minors, a perfect score. I will be the first to say I am not a naturally gifted driver, I can guarantee you that I made several major mistakes during my lessons. However, overtime with my instructor's guidance improved and rectified my mistakes. 

His style of teaching, prepares you for the real world as well as your test. Very approachable with catchy phrases to help you hone your driving skills. For example I will never forgot when he first said, "If a pause becomes a wait, your handbrake becomes your mate." 

I would I highly recommend my instructor to anyone living in West London. "


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