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Terms & Conditions 

  1. ​Pay as you go lessons shall be paid in advance (at least a week before the lesson) and or before the start of each lesson if paying by cash.

  2. If the pupil fails to give the instructor a minimum of two days (48 Hours) notice before cancelling any lesson or test, the pupil shall be liable for the full lesson fee. When cancelling lessons we ask all students to give us a call on or text to 07507594824, generally email or any other multimedia messaging may not be accepted. 

  3. Your driving instructor will wait outside the appointed location at the appointed time and will wait no more than 20 minutes for the lesson, after which it will be considered a no-show and the full lesson fee will be chargeable.

  4. All prices are subject to change without any notice. 

  5. Candidates on tests or driving lessons are solely responsible for any damage they cause to the learner vehicle or other vehicles (Third-party), if they are subsequently not covered by insurance (extremely unlikely to not be covered). Example may be, if the learner driver is driving under the influence of any intoxications or drugs unbeknown to the instructor.

  6. Any fines issued to learners whilst driving will take full responsibility for paying any PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) or any other fines. Their details will be forwarded to the charging authority.

  7. You must hold a current valid driving licence which is either provisional, full or International and show the instructor on the first lesson. You must be fit to drive with legal and medical requirements (which you are legally responsible to advise the instructor) you must not drive under any undue stress. 

  8. UK learners before their first lesson must submit a DVLA check code and their provisional licence number 48 hours before their lesson.

  9. All credited driving lessons or courses must be used within six months of purchase unless agreed otherwise your instructor. 

  10. The refund policy of any monies paid for courses will be refunded at the discount rate (if any) of purchased lesson, packages and course(s). Refund amount will minus the usage of the hours taken. A surcharge of £30 may be added to any refund as an admin fee. All refunds are refunded on the last Friday of every month. 

  11. All lessons will start and finish at the same location unless agreed in advance with your instructor.

  12. Your instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of a vehicle for driving tests if you’re a considered risk to the general public or potentially may risk damaging your instructor's vehicle. 

  13. Any minor damages incurred during a lesson or on a test to the wheels, doors, bumpers or body panels would be charged at a minimum of £25 - £150. This would be charged and payable straight away and can be deducted from any credit student(s) may have. These minor damages will be payable regardless of any previous or existing damages. Most cases minor damages repair will not be claimed via insurance. Claiming minor damages with insurance companies will most often trigger an excess payment (£200+) and will subsequently raise the premiums on the insurance for annual renewal quote. 

  14. You must meet minimum eye test requirements, which means you must be able to read the standard UK approved number plate at a minimum distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet). If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to meet this requirement then you must wear them whenever you drive.

  15. You must notify your instructor of any changes in your ability (health) or entitlement to take driving lessons (provisional licence revoked by DVLA).

  16. Your instructor will always endeavour to arrive on time however, due to unforeseen circumstances such as breakdown, accidents traffic hold-ups or illness etc lesson times may need to be changed or even cancelled. If cancelled by the instructor, no cancellation fee will be charged. If your instructor is late for the appointed start time of the lesson then subsequently the lesson will start from the time of arrival or the time missed maybe made up for on another lesson.

  17. Students who come late to lessons or chose to finish earlier will for-fit the time lost.

  18. Our instructor will send you a text message confirming your date & time of your booking made, you must respond in order to confirm your booking. Also, it may contain bank account details of any advance payments that may needed to be paid.

  19. All lessons, tests, packages and courses that a fully conducted are none refundable. Students must verify their practical test date and time to insure it hasn't ben changed or cancelled by the DVSA, especially due to adverse weather conditions. Instructors will have the right to charge you for the full cost of the test package on test day if even if the test is not conducted. Instructors my apply discretion on individual cases.  

Please note, all West London Driving School Instructors (are self-employed and) operate under a franchise with the West Driving School. If you have chosen to undertake tuition in a motor vehicle, this agreement is between you and your West London Driving School Franchised Instructor. No contractual liability shall arise or subsist between you and West London Driving School. The instructor shall provide you with driving tuition at the rate per hour communicated to you from time to time. Prices for lessons may be reduced through marketing promotions or at the discretion of the instructor. Most on-road lessons are scheduled to last 2 hours, although, in certain circumstances, 1-hour lessons are available depending on the instructor.

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